SINTER Conference May 2022

Metal Clay Construction Techniques - JJ Singh

Join me and hundreds of other metal clay enthusiasts at this years International SINTER conference.  I will be presenting new construction techniques utilizing a three- dimensional approach to design.

  • Pre-conference two-day workshops:  May 18–19, 2022
  • Conference: Evening of May 19 through afternoon of May 22, 2022
  • Post-conference two-day workshops: May 23–24, 2022


Presentation - "Cat Scan" and "Nesting" Construction Techniques Using the Sillhouette Curio

This presentation will explain two new approaches to jewelry construction.

The "cat scan" approach uses design "slices" created in Silhouette software, to stack onto one another creating height and volume in a hollow form. Using the silhouette allows for extreme precision and enables us to hide mechanisms such as hinges.

The "nesting" technique uses origami and Russian nesting doll theories of slab construction creating multidimensional pieces of jewelry.