Jennifer "JJ" Singh

JJ artistic journey began at 19 years old, when her parents gifted her a few lessons from a local goldsmith in Blacksburg, Virginia as a High School granduation gift. The goldsmith was more than generous with his time and the relationship developed into an informal apprenticeship. JJ would spend all her spare time after school in his studio learning the fundamentals of traditional goldsmithing. It was this early training that informed her approach to jewelry design, a craft that requires balance between technique and artistry. Balance between left brain and right brain thinking. In the early 90's when metal clay first became available commercially, JJ quickly became certified as an advanced metal clay instructor through Rio Grande's teacher program. Working with metal clay allowed even further exploration and application of traditional techniques, with this magical new material. JJ teaches in-person classes through her studio in Great Falls, Virginia and is affiliated with the School of Art in Great Falls. JJ is also an instructor with Craftcast. She teaches and presents at International conferences including AMCAW's Sinter conference.