Zodiac Pendant - Virtual Mini Workshop (Please read class notes below!)


Brand JJ Singh Jewelry

*** 100% of registration Fees are being donated to the Great Falls School of Art***

This project is fun for both beginners and more advanced metal clay students and requires minimal tools, much of which can be found around the house. Through this workshop you will learn techniques for drawing and designing your piece, etching into metal clay, assembling a hollow form object, firing & finishing your pendant.

The course is designed so that you can work at your own pace. There will be an optional weekly LIVE Zoom session for all enrolled students to come together, share their progress, ask questions,etc. Stay tuned for more information!

For this mini-workshop you will need the basic metal clay tools and approximately 25 g of the metal clay of your choice, and of course, a way to fire your piece. I'm offering firing in my kiln with curb side pickup at no cost. Alternatively, you can invest in an ultra-lite mini kiln for less than $200 and fire at home.

If you need to order supplies, don't worry, you can still get started with your workshop. The first lesson is all about drawing and you only need paper and a felt tipped pen for the first lesson.

I have a limited supply of metal clay and ready to go toolkits available. If you are interested in purchasing, please send an email to jj@jjsinghjewelry.com

Below is a flat-lay photograph of what is needed along with some suggestions for quarantine substitutions. :) Can you guess what the egg is for???

Materials List (with quarantine substitutions) :)

All of these items are available at Cool Tools

25g Metal Clay (no substitution for this!)

Sketchpad (printer paper)

Felt tip pen (pencil)

Roller sizing guides (deck of cards)

Roller (rolling pin or pvc pipe)

Tuff card / nonstick surface (zip loc baggie)

Craft knife (kitchen knife)

Awl (toothpic)

Sanding pads (nail file)


Small paintbrush


Ultralite Kiln (approx $188)


After completing your purchase, you will receive a series of emails including a welcome letter and automatic registration to JJ's Jewelry School with a prompt to change your password. If you do not receive the emails, check your spam folder.

*** All Registration Fees are being donated to the Great Falls School of Art***