Evil Eye Mantra Tank


Brand JJ Singh Jewelry

Found in cultures around the world, the Evil Eye bestows protection by reflecting misfortune, injury, & illness away from the wearer. It is also  believed to realign negative emotions and bring clarity of thought.

The ancient Sanskrit script, ”Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” is hand written beneath the eye.  It is used to invoke the blessings of Ganesha and avail ourselves of his peace, knowledge and prosperity. Ganapati (or Ganesha) is the Hindu god mostly recognized as the remover of obstacles and the grantor of success.

Om - Is the sound which is the vibration of the creation of the universe.

Gam - a "seed mantra" for Ganesha

Ganapataye -  is the alternate name for Ganesha. The ending 'aye' indicates that something is "for" or "to" Ganesha.

Namaha - Salutations, or "I bow" to you.

Ganesh is the master of wisdom and knowledge, the remover of obstacles and guardian of beauty, prosperity, grace, and compassion.


Original artwork and design by JJ Singh. Made by hand in studio.

3.5 oz, 65% polyester/35% combed ring-spun cotton, scoop neckline, curved him, feminine drape, lose cut.  Made to order, delivery times may be delayed due to Covid-19.